Record of Fishing Vessel Database

The Record of Fishing Vessels (RFV) has an improved interface that allows users to search, filter, sort and browse data directly. Photos are now linked to the vessel record and as a result are also available from the web site. In addition it supports an RSS feed providing a continuous live feed of updates as they are made to the database.

Click this link to view the full Record of Fishing Vessels and enter the following login details when prompted:
        Username: vessels
        Password: Rec0rds
(Note: Username and Password login details are case-sensitive)

Alternatively, a snapshot of the Record of Fishing Vessels can be downloaded directly here in either CSV File (2.87 MB) CSV or RFV PDF (1.94 MB) PDF format.

Please send queries on the WCPFC Record of Fishing Vessels to

Page Updated 12 Sep, 2013
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