WCPFC Management Objectives Workshop 3

Faleata Sports Complex, Apia, Samoa
Meeting Dates: 
Friday, November 28, 2014
Not provisional
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The third WCPFC Management Objectives Workshop (MOW3), referencing the outcomes of the previous two workshops, MOW1: http://www.wcpfc.int/meetings/wcpfc-management-objectives-workshop and MOW2: http://www.wcpfc.int/meetings/wcpfc-management-objectives-workshop-2, will focus on:

  1. A proposed Conservation and Management Measure (CMM) on establishing a harvest strategy for key tuna species in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean; and
  2. PNA’s draft CMM on a target reference point for skipjack tuna.


Both proposals are undergoing revision since they were last presented at the WCPFC Technical Compliance Committee Meeting http://www.wcpfc.int/meetings/10th-regular-session-technical-and-compliance-committee.

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