The overlap of threatened seabirds with reported bycatch areas between 25o and 30o South in the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Area.

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Baird K. {1}, C Small{1}, E. Bell [2], K. Walker[3], G. Elliot[3], D. Nicholls[4], R. Alderman[5], P. Scofield[6], L. Depp[7], B. Thomas[8] and M. P. Dias[1].
[1] BirdLife International, [2] W.M.I. Limited [3] Albatross Research (NZ), [4] Chisholm Institute (Australia), [5] D.P.I.(Tasmania), [6] Canterbury Museum (NZ), [7] Uni of Canterbury, [8] Massey Uni (NZ)
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Monday, July 20, 2015
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