Supporting a FAO Survey on Options for Physical and Electronic Marking of Purse Seine drifting FADs

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) approached WCPFC to seek our assistance with gathering information on Options for Physical and Electronic Marking of Purse Seine drifting Fish Aggregating Devices to Identify Ownership and Track Position.  

FAO is seeking the participation, through completion of an online survey, of purse seine captains and crew, purse seine vessel owners, purse seine at-sea observers, purse seine fisheries management authorities, purse seine associations, gear technology experts, manufacturers of FAD satellite and sonar buoys, and manufacturers of acoustic tags and receivers.

The stated purpose of the survey is "to obtain comments to improve a section of FAO’s Draft Guidelines on the Marking of Fishing Gear on marking artificial drifting Fish Aggregating Devices (dFADs) used by purse seine tuna fisheries to identify ownership and track position." 

In support of the survey the FAO noted that "Marking dFADs to identify ownership and track position, and reporting and removing derelict and unwanted dFADs, may contribute to improved monitoring and management, including deterring illegal purse seine fishing and reducing the abandonment, loss and discarding of dFADs. Tracking dFADs may also improve the understanding of the effects of different densities of dFADs on tuna stock dynamics and oceanic communities so that optimal dFAD densities might be achieved."

The survey results will be published as an FAO Fisheries Circular, which will be presented to the participants of the FAO Gear Marking Technical Consultation in early 2018 in order to improve the guidelines on marking and tracking FADs.

Surveys responses are being accepted through the end of June 2017. The survey form is available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese, from here  

Thank you in advance for considering participating in this project to improve the FAO international guidelines on gear marking.

For more information contacts at FAO are: Dr. Petri Suuronen,; and Dr. Eric Gilman,

News Item Updated 10 Apr, 2017
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