Project 35: Age, growth and maturity of bigeye tuna in the western and central Pacific Ocean Rev 1 (28 March 2018)

Farley J[1]., P. Eveson[1], K. Krusic-Golub[2], C. Sanchez[3], F. Roupsard[3], S. McKechnie[3], S. Nicol[3,4], B. Leroy[3], N. Smith[3] and S-K Chang[5].
[1] CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere [2] Fish Ageing Services Pty Ltd [3] SPC-OFP [4] Uni of Canberra, Australia [5] IMA, CMS Sun Yat-sen Iniversty
Date of Issue: 
Wednesday, March 28, 2018
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