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References in the BMIS may contain information about more than one mitigation method. Select a mitigation method from the dropdown box above to avoid duplicate listings of references in search results. Alternatively, search for any term (author, word or phrase), then narrow the search results by choosing more options from the drop-down boxes.

Search Option Explanation
Bycatch Species Group Mitigation methods may be relevant to one or more species groups. Leave this as 'any species group' if you are unsure.
Fishing Gear Select from the list of fishing methods used in oceanic tuna/billfish fisheries.
Mitigation Method Select a method, or leave as 'any bycatch mitigation method' but otherwise limit your search, eg select a species group.
Reference Type References may be classified under more than one category, eg a project report may also be a review paper.
Search for any term (including Author) Type any word (eg swordfish), phrase (any words you would expect to find consecutively, eg 'Forum Fisheries Agency', or 'foraging depth'), or author's name.
Year There are two search boxes; to find all references published up to and including, e.g., 2000, type '2000' in the 2nd box.
Search Click here after selecting search terms. You will go to a new screen to view your search results.
Reset Search Click this button to change all drop-down or text boxes back to their default and start a fresh search

A web link to the full reference text or a direct link to a PDF is provided where possible. In the case of pay-to-view articles, a link to the journal page is provided. Alternatively, use Google Scholar to search for free PDFs. Note that authors may publish PDFs of journal articles on personal websites or provide PDFs on request.

Search Results

Click on a reference citation to view a 'Reference detailed description'. To return to your search results click on your browser back arrow. Change the order of search results by clicking in the black table header on 'Year', to order numerically, or 'Reference Citation', to order alphabetically. When you click on the header, results will be sorted in ascending order by default. Click on the small arrow to reverse the sort order.

Click on 'Key Point' to view a summary of reference content concerning mitigation methods and species groups which may not have been noted in the introduction. Not completed for all references.

Export search results by clicking on the 'CSV' button at the bottom left of the page.

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