Scientific Data Dissemination

Data Dissemination rules - this section presents the rules and procedures for the protection, access to, and dissemination of data compiled by the Commission.

WCPFC Tuna Fishery Yearbook (1950–2018) - The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) Tuna Fishery Yearbook presents annual catch estimates in the WCPFC Statistical Area from 1950 to 2018

Data Catalogue - The WCPFC compile and maintain databases containing several different types of scientific data provided by Commission Members and Cooperating Non-members (CNMs) according to the Scientific Data to be provided to the Commission. Scientific data provided cover: 

  • Annual catch estimates
  • Aggregated catch and effort data
  • Operational catch and effort data
  • Aggregated size data

Public domain aggregate catch/effort data - The WCPFC has compiled a public domain version of aggregated catch and effort data using operational, aggregate and annual catch estimates data provided by Commission Members (CCMs) and Cooperating Non-members (CNMs).

Public domain Bycatch data (Bycatch Data Exchange Protocol – BDEP) - the WCPFC has compiled tables of aggregated bycatch data and associated effort and observer data for the WCPFC (using the Bycatch Data Exchange Protocol, BDEP, approach)

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