Transhipment Regulation Scheme

The WCPFC Transhipment Regulation Scheme is established through Conservation and Management Measure on Regulation of Transhipment (547.63 KB).

Paragraph 4 of CMM 2009-06 says "Transhipment in a port or in waters under the national jurisdiction of a CCM shall take place in accordance with applicable national laws."

Paragraph 25 of CMM 2009-06 says " In accordance with Article 29 (5) of the Convention, transhipment at sea by purse seine vessels shall be prohibited except in respect of exemptions granted by the Commission..." Information about the purse seine vessels that are authorised to transship at sea are displayed as part of the WCPFC Record of Fishing Vessels.  

Paragraph 34 of CMM 2009-06 says "There shall be no transhipment on the high seas except where a CCM has determined, in accordance with the guidelines described in paragraph 37 below, that it is impracticable for certain vessels that it is responsible for to operate without being able to tranship on the high seas, and has advised the Commission of such."  Information related to the carrier and offloading vessels that are authorised by their flag CCM to transship in the high seas are displayed as part of the WCPFC Record of Fishing Vessels.  

WCPFC E-reporting standards, specifications and procedures for High Seas Transhipment Notification and Declarations

In 2019 the Commission adopted the E-Reporting Standards for high seas transhipment declarations and transhipment notices.  Additional information about the Commission E-reporting standards, specifications and procedures can be accessed from this link here

High seas transhipment (TSER) report for CCMs

**New** Authorised Flag CCM users are able to access to their high seas transhipment notifications and high seas transhipment declarations as received by WCPFC, including those reports that have been submitted using the WCPFC High Seas Transhipment E-Reporting System (TSER) APP. To access the report please use this link here

Review of Transhipment CMM in 2019-current

At WCPFC15, the Commission agreed to conduct a review of the existing transhipment measure (CMM 2009-06) in 2019, with the review to commence through an electronic intersessional working group.   The work of the IWG is continuing led by two co-chairs, from Vanuatu and the United States.  A reference page for the IWG-Transhipment can be accessed here. 

Page Updated 21 May, 2024
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