Compliance Monitoring Scheme

The Compliance Monitoring Scheme (the CMS Scheme) was established by CMM 2010-03 Conservation and Management Measure for Compliance Monitoring Scheme and was implemented in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 as an initial trials. A further revised Conservation and Management Measure for Compliance Monitoring Scheme was implemented during 2016 and 2017, and this was extended for implementation in 2018 CMM 2017-07 (337.56 KB) 

Review of CMS Scheme in 2017/18

At WCPFC13, the Commission approved the Terms for a Review of the Compliance Monitoring Scheme (CMS) (WCPFC13 Summary Report, paragraph 142 & Attachment H) (130.28 KB).  The objective of the review is to assist CCMs to improve compliance with the Convention and CMMs and to this end the review will be forward looking and provide clear recommendations on how best to implement the CMS. The CMS Review Panel was appointed on 18 April 2017.  

A substantive report was presented by the CMS Review Panel at WCPFC14 WCPFC14-2017-25B (1.25 MB), and a short paper by the Secretariat was also tabled WCPFC14-2017-25A (440.67 KB) 

The final report was issued on 7 March 2018 for consideration by Members. On 19 March 2018 the final report was reissued, with the only change being the inclusion of a Executive Summary that was inadvertently omitted from the original submission: Final Report from the Independent Panel to review the Compliance Monitoring Scheme [with Executive Summary] (1.97 MB)

WCPFC14 also established an Intersessional Working Group on the Review of the Compliance Monitoring Scheme (CMS IWG).  The tasks of the CMS IWG will be to facilitate consideration of the Report from the Independent Review of the CMS and develop a proposed CMM for the Compliance Monitoring Scheme for consideration at WCPFC15 (2018).  The Commission agreed that the Republic of Marshall Islands would lead the Intersessional Working Group. 

On 9 March Circular 2018-16 was sent out to commence the work of the CMS IWG : 2018/16 (186.49 KB)  A reference page for the intersesional CMS IWG can be accessed here 

Copies of past Compliance Monitoring Reports 

2018 Key dates and annual reporting templates

Annual Report Part 2 covering 2017 activities

1 July 2018 (as decided at WCPFC9), submit by online interface using CCM-specific login and password

Annual Report Part 1, covering 2017 activities

9 July 2018 (one-month prior to the annual regular session of the Scientific Committee)

A link to paper templates prepared by the Secretariat so as to assist CCMs in providing required information under CMMs and other decisions is provided here:  

                                Annual Report Part 1 template (588.52 KB) 

Draft CMR covering 2016 activities circulated to each CCM

2 August 2018 is the date specified in CMM 17-07 for the Secretariat to circulate a draft CMR to each CCM for their review.

CCM provides comments to Secretariat on draft CMR

29 August 2018 is the date specified in CMM 17-07 for CCMs to provide clarifications, amendments or corrections as necessary on the draft CMR, as well as to identify particular causes for compliance issues.

Where applicable, a CCM may also submit a Capacity Development Plan or an Investigation Status Report with their draft CMR to the Secretariat (before 29 August 2018). Links to paper templates prepared by the Secretariat so as to assist CCMs in providing required information for CMM 17-07 paragraph 5 and CMM 17-07 paragraph 8 respectively are provided below:  

                        Capacity Development Plan (37.95 KB)

                        Investigation Status Report (38.84 KB)


Cooperating Non-Member Requests

28 July 2018: in accordance with CMM 2009-11, CNMs must reapply annually for CNM status and their application should address all criteria in paragraph 2 of CMM 2009-11.  This is due 60 days before TCC14.  

Latest updated electronic form for CNM requests: Cooperating Non-Member request template - last updated in 2017 (265.82 KB)

Suggested checklist for 2018 Reporting Requirements in CMMs and other decisions

There are a number of reporting requirements that are embedded in CMMs or other WCPFC decisions, which oblige CCMs to submit information or data to the Secretariat during 2018. The Secretariat has prepared an updated checklist to assist CCMs with quickly identifying these requirements (974.05 KB)(80.95 KB).

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