Compliance Monitoring Scheme Intersessional Working Group 2020 - 2022

During WCPFC16, “the Commission agreed to establish a Compliance Monitoring Scheme (CMS) Intersessional Working Group under the leadership of the Vice-Chair of TCC”. It was further agreed that the CMS Intersessional Working Group (CMS IWG) would work virtually to undertake the CMS future work plan, as outlined in section IX of CMM 2019-06 (WCPFC16 Summary Report, paragraph 563).

As a reminder, at WCPFC17 the Commission prioritized the following four items for consideration by the CMS IWG in 2021 and 2022 (WCPFC Summary Report, paragraph 377):

The Commission noted in paragraph 129 of the TCC16 Summary Report that TCC16 had affirmed the importance of all the future work called for in section IX of CMM 2019-06 and supported the prioritisation of four streams of intersessional work for the CMS IWG in 2020/21 and recognised that some elements may extend until 2022:

  1.  the development of a risk-based assessment framework to inform compliance assessments and ensure obligations are meeting the objectives of the Commission;
  2. the development of audit points to clarify the Commission obligations assessed under the CMS, as well as a checklist to be used by proponents of any proposal to include a list of potential audit points for the consideration of the Commission;
  3. the development of a process for TCC to consider the aggregated tables alongside the draft CMR (paragraph 33 and 34 of CMM 2019-06); and
  4. the development of guidance on the participation of observers in the CMS process as outlined in CMM 2019-06.

The task of the CMS IWG will be to progress each of these four elements in the remainder of 2021 and 2022.


Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
Circ 2021-56 Compliance Monitoring Scheme Intersessional Working Group file attachment (533.35 KB) 15 Jul 2021
CMS_AP_July21 FFA Members Discussion Paper on CMS Audit Point file attachment (1014.84 KB) 15 Jul 2021
RBAF_July21 Development of a WCPFC Risk-Based Assessment Framework for the Compliance Monitoring Scheme - Proposal for WCPFC members' consideration and feedback
CMS-IWG Lead on Risk Based Assessment Framework (New Zealand)
file attachment (329.08 KB) 15 Jul 2021
TCC17-2021-13A Update to TCC17 on Progress of CMS-IWG file attachment (169.03 KB) 17 Sep 2021
RBAF_Sept2021 Compliance Monitoring Scheme: Risk-Based Assessment Framework (TCC17-202-13B_rev2)
Lead on Risk-Based Assessment Framework
file attachment (561.5 KB)file attachment (666.19 KB) 27 Sep 2021
Circ 2021-88 Compliance Monitoring Scheme: Risk-based Assessment Framework Workshop file attachment (165.57 KB) 8 Oct 2021
CMS-IWG Chair Oct 2021 WCPFC CMS IWG: Risk Based Assessment Framework & Aggregated Summary Tables file attachment (28.82 KB) 20 Oct 2021


Background on the broader work to review and enhance the CMS Scheme since 2010 may be accessed here

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