Port State Minimum Standards

In December 2017 the Commission agreed to a Conservation and Management Measure on Port State Minimum Standards with the stated purpose being "to establish processes and procedures for CCMs to request that port inspections be undertaken on fishing vessels suspected of engaging in IUU fishing or fishing related activities in support of IUU fishing."  The full text of the measure can be accessed at this link: CMM 2017-02 (537.41 KB)

Paragraph 6 of CMM 2017-02 encourages each CCM to designate ports for the purpose of inspection.  Any subsequent designation of ports or changes to this list shall be notified to the WCPFC Executive Director at least 30 days before the designation or change takes effect. 

Paragraph 19 of CMM 2017-02 requires that Port CCMs notify the Commission of a contact point for the purpose of CMM 2017-02.  Any subsequent changes shall be notified to the WCPFC Executive Director at least 15 days before such change takes effect.

Paragraph 21 of CMM 2017-02 states "CCMs that establish port State measures shall publicize all relevant measures in an appropriate manner, within 30 days of entering into force of such measures, and shall advise the Commission to facilitate wider distribution through posting on the WCPFC website."

The notifications the Secretariat has received from Port CCMs  in reference to CMM 2017-02 are shown in the below table.  The information in the table is current as at 19 February 2024.

Port CCM Designated Ports for the purpose of inspection Advice of Port State Measures Contact Points Date of Issue     

Australia designates all of its ports for the purposes of inspections under WCPFC CMM 2017-02 on Minimum Standards for Port State Measures.

List of designated ports for the purposes of inspections under CMM 2017-02 is at:  (1.46 KB)

Australia allows foreign fishing vessels into its ports and the landing of catch from such vessels only with explicit approval. Australia has a domestic process for considering vessel entry into an Australian port which is outlined in these guidelines: Port access guidelines  Applications for port access are considered consistent with the Australian Fisheries Management Authority’s Client Service Charter.
Port permits are issued on a case by case basis. It may take up to 7 days to consider an application. There is no guarantee the application will be approved. 

Australia is a Party to the Port State Measures Agreement and meets its obligations under this Agreement, including obligations pertaining to port entry, levels and priorities for inspection, and flag State notification.

Australian Fisheries Management Authority
Box 7051
Canberra Business Centre, ACT 2610

Fax:        +61 2 6225 5440
Phone:   +61 2 6225 5555
Email: Portpermit@afma.gov.au

30 May 2022

Thailand has designated 22 (twenty-two) ports for the purpose of CMM 2017-02 20.81 KB

Thailand has provided advice of the relevant measure "The Notification of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives on Advance Data Reporting, and Determining Ports for Non-Thai fishing vessel wishing to enter the Kingdom E.B. 2560 (A.D. 2017)  (353.81 KB)

Port State Measures Implementation Group, Fish Quarantine and Inspection Division
Address: Department of Fisheries, Kaset Klang, Chatuchak, Paholyothin Road, Bangkok 10900, Thailand
email: <thaipsm.investigation@gmail.com>
Tel:+66 2562-0600, 2121
Fax:+662561 4690

16 July 2018

Japan has designated 7 (seven) ports for the purpose of CMM 2017-02 (17.09 KB)

Japan has provided all laws, regulations, process and other relevant information for foreign flagged fishing vessels to get a permission for port call at Japanese ports at the following website: link

Shinji Hiruma

<shinji_hiruma150@maff.go.jp  >

Aya Matsushima


 1 April 2022
New Zealand

New Zealand has designated 13 ports for the purpose of CMM 2017-02 

New Zealand publicises all of relevant requirements, measures and legislation for the NZ flagged fishing vessels fishing under a high seas permit beyond NZ national jurisdiction, and foreign fishing vessels arriving from the high seas at the following website: link

Ministry of Primary Industries - International Compliance 

Fisheries Compliance Liaison & Coordination
c/- Fisheries Communication Centre

28 Sept 2018
United States of America    

Martina Sagapolu
Acting Assistant Director, NOAA Office of Law Enforcement
1845 Wasp Blvd., Bldg. #176
Honolulu, HI 96818
Tel: +1 808‐725‐6112
Fax: +1 808‐725‐6199
Email: <martina.sagapolu@noaa.gov>

5 May 2020
Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands has designated two (2) ports for the purpose of CMM 2017-02
(210.3 KB)

    24 Sept 2019
France (French Polynesia)

France (French Polynesia) has designated one (1) port for the purpose of CMM 2017-02
(161.67 KB)

    5 Dec 2019
France (New Caledonia) France (New 
Caledonia) has designated one (1) port for the purpose of CMM 2017-02 605.97 KB
    8 July 2022
Philippines Philippines has designated two (2) port for the purpose of CMM 2017-02 357.73 KB     28 Sept 2022
Tuvalu Tuvalu has designated one (1) port for the purpose of CMM 2017-02 55.41 KB     19 Feb 2024


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