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WCPFC15 agreed to conduct a review of the existing transhipment measure (CMM 2009-06) 547.63 KB in 2019, with the review to commence through an electronic intersessional working group, with the group led by two co-chairs, from RMI and the United States. 

WCPFC17 received an intersessional progress report by the Review of the Transhipment CMM IWG (WCPFC17-2020-TS_IWG). The Commission also acknowledged the intention of the Transhipment-IWG to finalise in early 2021 the draft Scope of Work for the analysis of transhipment information, to support the review of the Transhipment Measure (CMM 2009-06) through the Transhipment- IWG during the intersessional period in 2021.  WCPFC17 also appointed Mr. Felix Toa Ngwango (Vanuatu) as co-Chair of the Transhipment Review IWG and agreed that Dr. Alex Kahl (United States) would continue to co-chair the Transhipment Review IWG.  In March 2021, the Co-Chairs have confirmed the adoption of the Scope of Work by the IWG.

Copies of relevant documentation related to the Intersessional Working Group to review the transhipment CMM are provided below:

Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
Circular 2019-11 Seeking nominations to IWG Transhipment file attachment (146.09 KB) 3 Mar 2019
WCPFC-TCC15-2019-13 Initial analysis of transhipment data held by WCPFC
file attachment (3.38 MB) 17 Sep 2019
TOR_final Terms of Reference for the Review of CMM 2009-06 on Transhipment - final version circulated to IWG on 30 September 2019 file attachment (81.51 KB) 30 Sep 2019
Circular 2020/01 Letter from Co-Chairs of Transshipment IWG - post WCPFC16 file attachment (46.12 KB)file attachment (95.77 KB) 15 Jan 2020
WCPFC-TCC16-2020-19 Transhipment IWG Status Report to TCC16 file attachment (102.98 KB) 17 Sep 2020
Scope of Work Email communication from TS IWG Chair re: finalizing the Scope of Work (SOW) for the transshipment information analysis
TS-IWG Chair
file attachment (6.25 KB)file attachment (40 KB) 16 Oct 2020
WCPFC17-2020-TS_IWG Transhipment IWG report to WCPFC17
TS-IWG Chair
file attachment (175.11 KB) 14 Dec 2020
Scope of Work Communication from TS-IWG Co-Chairs confirming the adoption of the Scope of Work file attachment (1.66 KB)file attachment (211.01 KB) 26 Mar 2021
TS-IWG update Communication from TS-IWG co-chairs
TS-IWG Co-Chairs
file attachment (14.52 KB)file attachment (192.48 KB) 31 Aug 2021

To assist the work of this IWG, reports related to transhipment presented in previous meetings are collated below.

Annual transhipment reports to past TCC meetings

Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC-TCC6-2010-22 WCPFC-TCC6-2010-22_CCMs Implementation and Compliance with CMMs (see para 45-48) file attachment (373.56 KB) 5 Oct 2010
WCPFC-TCC7-2011-17a Rev 3 CCMs Implementation Compliance of CMMs Rev 3 (see para 26-28 for CMM 2009-06) file attachment (299.33 KB) 24 Sep 2011
WCPFC-TCC7-2011-14 Rev 2 3rd Annual Report ROP Programme (see para 17-21 for transhipment report) file attachment (772.21 KB) 26 Sep 2011
WCPFC-TCC8-2012-17_rev2 Report on WCPFC High Seas Transshipment Reporting for activities of non-purse seine fishing vessels, and suggested approach towards a review of high seas transshipment rules and guidelines in 2013_rev2 (to TCC8) file attachment (1.18 MB) 25 Oct 2012
WCPFC-TCC9-2013-RP05 Annual Report on High Seas Transshipment Reporting (to TCC9) file attachment (435.27 KB) 12 Sep 2013
WCPFC-TCC10-2014-RP03 Annual Report on High Seas Transshipment Reporting (to TCC10) file attachment (772.21 KB) 12 Sep 2014
WCPFC-TCC11-2015-RP03 Annual Report on the High Seas transshipment reporting (to TCC11) file attachment (1.25 MB) 15 Sep 2015
WCPFC-TCC12-2016-RP03_rev1 Annual Report on Transshipment Reporting - rev1 (to TCC12) file attachment (1.02 MB) 7 Sep 2016
WCPFC-TCC13-2017-RP03 Annual Report on Transhipment Reporting (to TCC13) file attachment (2 MB) 20 Sep 2017
WCPFC-TCC14-2018-RP03 Annual Report on WCPFC transhipment reporting, with an emphasis on high seas activities (to TCC14) file attachment (2.53 MB) 14 Sep 2018
WCPFC-TCC15-2019-RP03 Annual Report on WCPFC transhipment reporting
file attachment (1.5 MB) 17 Sep 2019
WCPFC-TCC16-2020-RP03_rev1 Annual Report on WCPFC Transhipment Reporting - rev 1
file attachment (1.95 MB) 10 Dec 2020

Papers related to impracticability (CMM 2009-06 para 34)

Other papers/studies relevant to the review


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