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TSER is the abbreviated name of the WCPFC High Seas Transhipment Electronic Reporting System. TSER is a computer system (app) that allows vessel masters, company managers and staff of national fisheries management agencies to submit high seas transhipment notifications and declarations to the WCPFC electronically. Some key features of TSER are:

  • Windows, Android and IOS versions are available for use now.
  • It is free to download and use (although your internet service provider may still charge you a small amount for the cost of transmitting TSER data).
  • It is designed to operate on Windows desktop / laptop computers, or Android tablets or iPads.  You should be able to run TSER on any post-2013 computer / tablet. TSER will also run on Android phones and iPhones,  but their small screen size means that using TSER on a phone is “cramped”.
  • It is designed to work on slow satellite connections, and it transmits very small packages of data. Several hundred transhipment notifications / declarations can be transmitted in one megabyte of data. This means that it is cheap to transmit notifications / declarations, even via satellite.
  • It does not require continuous internet connectivity.  Because forms are first typed onto your computer or tablet, and then transmitted once you have finished your data entry, TSER only requires an internet connection during the brief period that it is transmitting.  If TSER cannot contact the WCPFC the first time, it will automatically try again after a short pause.
  • It can be used to create new; and view, edit or cancel previous notifications / declarations. For example, if the date or location of a transhipment changes, it is about 15 seconds work for you to submit an updated notification.
  • Most data are entered using drop-down menus.  There is little typing.
  • The user manual is available in both English.

WCPFC Conservation and Management Measure CMM 2009-06

Within the WCPFC, transhipments on the high seas are regulated by Conservation and Management Measure 2009-06 (CMM 2009-06). CMM 2009-06 can be downloaded from the WCPFC website (link). CMM 2009-06 specifies a range of requirements for reporting high seas transhipments.  The TSER system has been developed by the WCPFC Secretariat to meet these requirements; and the associated standards for electronic reporting which have been agreed by the Commission (link). 

Options for submitting high seas transhipment notifications / declarations

Members, Cooperating Non- members and Participating Territories (CCMs) can submit high seas transhipment notifications and declarations either:

  • by using TSER; or
  • by emailing them to transhipment@wcpfc.int; or
  • a mix of the above.

Enabling high seas transhipment e-reporting

By default, the submission of high seas transhipment notifications / declarations by e-reporting is disabled. A CCM wishing to use the e-reporting option must first contact the WCPFC Compliance Manager and ask to have e-reporting enabled for their CCM. It is quick / easy for the WCPFC to enable e-reporting.

Downloading the TSER app

The Windows version of the TSER app is available now and can be downloaded from here.
The Android version of the TSER app is available from the Google Play Store - go to the store then search for "wcpfctser" (with no space). If unable to access the play store an apk file is available for download from here.
The IOS version of the TSER app is available from the Apple App Store - go to the store and search for "wcpfc tser".
Installation instructions for the TSER app can be found in the user manual.

The TSER user manual

The TSER user manual is 25 pages long, but mostly pictures.  A copy of the English version prepared by the Secretariat can be accessed below.  

Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
TSER new features Overview of TSER v1.28 new features file attachment (166 KB) 25 May 2020
TSER user guide Guide to the WCPFC High Seas Transhipment Electronic Reporting System
file attachment (3.62 MB) 25 May 2020

The TSER app privacy policy

Click here to view the TSER app privacy policy.



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