Annual Catch Estimates by EEZs/high seas area

The WCPFC have compiled a public domain version of annual catch estimates by the exclusive economic zones (EEZs) and high seas areas based on operational, aggregate, and annual catch estimates data provided by Commission Members (CCMs) and Cooperating Non-members (CNMs). The data provided herein have been prepared for dissemination in accordance with the current “Rules and Procedures for the Protection, Access to, and Dissemination of Data Compiled by the Commission” or (“RaP”). 

As indicated in Appendix 1 of the RaP – Public domain data:

    2) annual catch estimates stratified by gear, flag, species, and waters under the jurisdiction of CCMs and the high seas in the WCPFC Statistical Area. 

The Excel file covers the WCPFC key tuna and billfish species caught in the region: albacore (Thunnus alalunga), bigeye (Thunnus obesus), skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis), yellowfin (Thunnus albacares), black marlin (Makaira indica), blue marlin (Makaira nigricans), striped marlin (Tetrapturus audax) and swordfish (Xiphias gladius).

Please refer to the additional information provided in the Excel file: 
-    NOTES related to the sources and methods used to generate the CATCH_BY_EZ database.
-    Data Field descriptions
-    Gear Codes
-    Flag Codes
-    Fleet Codes
-    Area Codes

Data provided cover years 2018-2022. The time series begins in 2018 since this was the first year that the submitted operational data from all CCMs were of an acceptable coverage to generate the Annual catch estimates by EEZs and high seas areas. 

Last updated on :  11th January 2024

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