WCPFC Data Catalogue

WCPFC Data Catalogue

The WCPFC compile and maintain databases containing several different types of scientific data provided by Commission Members and Cooperating Non-members (CNMs) according to the Scientific Data to be provided to the Commission. Scientific data provided cover: 

  • Annual catch estimates
  • Aggregated catch and effort data
  • Operational catch and effort data
  • Aggregated size data

The scientific data are used for the work of the Commission and are also prepared for dissemination in accordance with the current Rules and Procedures for the Protection, Access to, and Dissemination of Data Compiled by the Commission or “RAP”.

The WCPFC Data catalogue consists of a set of tables summarising the WCFPC scientific data holdings by gear, species and broad ocean area in (i) a summary format and (ii) in a detailed format, which serves to assist potential users of the WCFPC scientific data understand the extent of available data.
It is expected that this facility will be enhanced over the coming years.


Last updated: 4th January 2024
LonglineAlbacore tunaALB25.6 KB174.96 KB
LonglineBigeye tunaBET25.68 KB204.34 KB
LonglineBlack marlinBLM25.53 KB173.34 KB
LonglineBlue marlinBUM25.61 KB183.76 KB
LonglineBlue sharkBSH25 KB125.94 KB
LonglineHammerhead sharkHAM23.92 KB75.88 KB
LonglineMako sharksMAK24.69 KB110.55 KB
LonglineOceanic White-tip sharkOCS24.18 KB104.06 KB
LonglinePacific Bluefin tunaPBF23.63 KB84 KB
LonglinePorbeagle sharkPOR22.84 KB54.68 KB
LonglineSailfishSFA25.23 KB164.99 KB
LonglineSilky sharksFAL24.49 KB101.39 KB
LonglineSkipjack tunaSKJ25.56 KB159.25 KB
LonglineStriped marlinMLS25.21 KB168.54 KB
LonglineSwordfishSWO25.6 KB184.26 KB
LonglineThresher sharkTHR24 KB81.08 KB
LonglineYellowfin tunaYFT25.7 KB205.82 KB
Pole-and-lineBigeye tunaBET21.67 KB58.02 KB
Pole-and-lineSkipjack tunaSKJ22.28 KB101.73 KB
Pole-and-lineYellowfin tunaYFT22.31 KB95.52 KB
Purse SeineBigeye tunaBET24.04 KB157.46 KB
Purse SeineSkipjack tunaSKJ24.29 KB147.38 KB
Purse SeineYellowfin tunaYFT24.04 KB142.2 KB
Page Updated 4 Jan, 2024
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