A template for submitting WCPFC Annual Catch Estimates (ACE)

Estimates of annual catches (ACE) by gear, fleet and species are to be submitted each year by the 30th April according to the requirements in Scientific Data to be Provided to the Commission.

These estimates are submitted by CCMs in various formats and are transcribed by the WCPFC Science Service Provider (SSP) into the WCPFC Annual Catch Estimates (ACE) database.  A review of the data provided during the transcription process often identifies where certain required data fields have not been provided.  The transcribing of ACE received in various formats requires time for interpretation and cross-checking which increases the possibility of errors when re-entering the ACE into the WCPFC databases.

In order to improve the efficiency and data quality control of loading the ACE data into the WCPFC databases, please find below a template for submitting WCPFC Annual Catch Estimates for the consideration of CCMs.

This template structure is already used by the Pacific Island member countries (CCMs) of the Commission when then prepare and submit their ACE through the Regional Tuna Data Workshops (TDWs) conducted by the SSP. 

The use of this template is VOLUNTARY, but strongly encouraged, at least as a means of cross-checking the information that should be provided.


Page Updated 24 Jul, 2023
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