Coronavirus related measures

This page has been developed noting that the fishing industry is not immune to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and because the Secretariat has been fielding queries as to how the COVID-19 related measures imposed by Members, Cooperating Non-members and Participating Territories (CCMs) affect obligations under various WCPFC conservation and management measures (CMMs). The Secretariat’s response to those queries was that until the Commission decide otherwise, obligations under those CMMs as agreed remain unchanged.  As at 22 October 2020, the Commission has taken six decisions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:-

Decisions adopted by the Commission in response to COVID-19

A copy of a paper prepared by the Secretariat to respond to the tasking in the COVID-19 Decision contained in Circular No. 2020/71 that the Secretariat prepare a note for the consideration of TCC particularly on the measures taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 on fishing vessels and on travel and port entry restrictions in CCMs can be accessed here:- WCPFC-TCC16-2020-14 (204.21 KB)

Links shared by CCMs on their respective governments' measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 that may be relevant to the WCPO Fishery

The Secretariat has also received from some CCMs updates on their respective governments’ measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19.  The purpose of this page is to provide links to information of relevance to the WCPO fishery that CCMs may wish to share for other CCMs to access on their respective governments' measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.   Where possible the information below provides URL links to the official government source for the relevant information.  The page will be updated as additional updates are received from CCMs.

Federated States of Micronesia

Forum Fisheries Agency

  • FFA decision on temporary suspension of observer coverage on purse seine vessels (241.33 KB){issued March, 27 2020}

  • FFA COVID-19 Operating Protocols for the Fishing Sector in the Pacific - minimising the risk of transmitting COVID-19 in the fisheries sector at sea and in ports tin the Pacific (2.77 MB) {issued September, 5 2020}

Republic of Marshall Islands 

  • RMI travel Advisory re COVID-19 (233.66 KB) {issued April 2, 2020}

Papua New Guinea

  • NFA Mandatory Measures to mitigate the spread of Covid19 (1.9 MB) {issued March, 23 2020}

Parties to the Nauru Agreement

  • PNA decision to temporarily suspend observer coverage in the purse seine fishery in PNA waters in response to Covid19 conditions  (102.31 KB) {issued March, 27 2020}
  • Confirming PNA additional conditions relating to carriage of observers by purse seine vessels during the period of  the Commission agreed temporary suspension (159.65 KB) {issued 14 April 2020}


Footnote: This page relates to a current global pandemic. Information regarding this event may change rapidly and may be unreliable. The updates to this page are dated, so that users may more easily check whether this is the most current information about this pandemic for all areas.

Page Updated 27 Oct, 2020
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