Vessel Monitoring System Small Working Group

The Commission agreed to establish the VMS-Small Working Group (VMS-SWG) to address the VMS data gap and improve the number of vessels reporting to the Commission VMS for consideration by TCC16 (TCC15 Summary Report paragraph 211).  The Commission agreed that the SWG would be co-Chaired by Mr Viv Fernandes (Australia) and Mr Terry Boone (United States).

For general background and overview information on the WCPFC VMS please go to the WCPFC website VMS page: here

Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
Circ 2020-04 Commencing the work of the VMS-SWG 2020 file attachment (245.81 KB) 12 Feb 2020
Sect_March2020 Secretariat submission to the VMS-SWG Co-chairs file attachment (280.89 KB) 5 Mar 2020
CoChairs_March2020 Co-Chairs draft concept paper - SWG participants comments due by 17 April 2020 file attachment (36.31 KB) 24 Mar 2020
CoChairs_May2020 Co-Chairs draft concept paper version 2 - SWG participants comments due by 24 June 2020 file attachment (53.26 KB)file attachment (3.91 KB) 26 May 2020
CoChairs_Aug2020 VMS SWG - status update document - for SWG participants comments file attachment (35.96 KB)file attachment (2.29 KB) 7 Aug 2020
WCPFC-TCC16-2020-16_rev1 VMS Small Working Group (SWG) Status Report file attachment (393.5 KB) 11 Sep 2020
CoChairs_Nov2020 Update - 3 November 2020 file attachment (7.81 KB)file attachment (389.23 KB) 3 Nov 2020
WCPFC17-2020-VMS-SWG VMS-SWG Report to WCPFC17
Submitted by VMS-SWG Co-Chairs
file attachment (308.59 KB) 1 Dec 2020
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