FAD MgmtWG Reference Papers 1 - WCPFC Circular 2014/60

Papers attached to WCPFC Circular 2014/60 • Feasibility study – PNA FAD tracking and management (Oct 2013) • Conservation and Management Measure for the Collection and Analyses of Data on Fish Aggregating Devices – Proposal by the United States of America (WCPFC10-2013-DP05) 5 November 2013 • Attachment E of CMM 2013-01 – Preparation of FAD Management Plans • FFA Proposal on FAD identification and tracking (WCPFC-TCC5-2009/DP-21) 5 October 2009 • FAD Management – A study on the impacts of fish aggregating devices (FADs) and the development of effective management strategies for their responsible use by industrial tuna fishing fleets – A report prepared for the WTPO (June 2009)
Date of Issue: 
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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