Summary of Tenth Regular Session of Northern Committee

The Tenth Regular Session of the Northern Committee (NC10), chaired by. Mr Masanori Miyahara, took place in Fukuoka, Japan, from 1–4 September 2014.

The International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna-like Species in the North Pacific Ocean (ISC) presented the 14th meeting report including the results of stock assessments conducted during 2013-2014. The WCPFC Secretariat provided a summary report of the Tenth Regular Session of the Scientific Committee (SC10) meeting outputs, focusing on those directly related to NC10. Members reported on domestic actions taken to manage Pacific bluefin tuna as per the bluefin tuna measure (CMM 2013-09). The NC adopted a draft CMM to be recommended to the Commission. The CMM would establish a multi-annual rebuilding plan for Pacific bluefin tuna, to include, “All catches of Pacific bluefin tuna less than 30kg shall be reduced to 50% of the 2002-2004 annual average levels.” The Committee also adopted a precautionary management framework for North Pacific albacore and Work programme for the Northern Committee.

Mr M. Miyahara (Japan) and Mr M. Tosatto (USA) were nominated as a candidate Chair and a candidate vice Chair respectively, and subject to the Commission’s approval they would serve until NC12. The USA offered to host NC11 in Hawaii, but Japan asked if they could host it to enable various domestic stakeholders to observe this important meeting. The USA kindly withdrew its offer and the NC welcomed the offer by Japan. NC11 will be held in early September 2015.

News Item Updated 14 Oct, 2014
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