Conference Documents

Master List of Documents (26.08 KB)

This page contains links to all the Official Documents of the Preparatory Conference in PDF and MS Word.

The final report of the PrepCon has been issued as WCPFC/PrepCon/50, Volumes I – IV. This includes all official documents issued during the Conference. You may download a PDF version of the final report by following the links on this page.

WCPFC/PrepCon/50, Volume I (48.95 KB6.29 MB)
WCPFC/PrepCon/50, Volume II (15.38 KB)
WCPFC/PrepCon/50, Volume III (5.52 MB6.1 MB)
WCPFC/PrepCon/50, Volume IV (5.17 MB4.2 MB)

You can also download a complete zipped archive of all officials PrepCon documents issued by date in PDF or Word (WCPFC/PrepCon/50 All (12.55 MB5.33 MB))(Please note: there are very large zip files).

Click here for a list of all the official documents issued during the sessions of the Preparatory Conference: Master List of Documents (26.08 KB)

To be able to read the PDF documents, you will need Adobe Reader.

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