FAD Management Options - Intersessional Working Group (FADMgmtOptions-IWG)


The FAD Management Options Intersessional Working Group was established at WCPFC11 (see copy of terms of reference below).  On 1 May 2015 CCMs were advised by WCPFC Circular of the plans to progress the work of the working group during 2015 2015/26 (267.17 KB) 

There have been two formal meetings of the FAD Mgmt Options IWG:

  1. the first meeting was held 27 - 28 November immediately prior to WCPFC12 in Bali, Indonesia.  Further information is available here
  2. the second meeting was held 28 - 29 September immediately following TCC12 in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia.  Further information is available here.


Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-03 FAD MgmtWG Reference Papers 3 - IATTC Measure C-13-01 2014-2016 file attachment (59.65 KB) 14 Jun 2013
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-02 FAD MgmtWG Reference Papers 2 - Preliminary analysis of the Regional Observer Programme data on FAD design file attachment (1.24 MB) 18 Jul 2014
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-01 FAD MgmtWG Reference Papers 1 - WCPFC Circular 2014/60 file attachment (3.26 MB) 23 Jul 2014
WCPFC11-2014-Summary Report Att E Terms of reference for FAD Management Options WG file attachment (34.31 KB) 6 Feb 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-04 ICCAT Report - first meeting of the ad hoc working group on FADs (Madrid, Spain, 11-12 May 2015) file attachment (421.47 KB) 8 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-06A EU submission: A compilation of FADs obligation in tRFMOs which we have prepared internally as a support document file attachment (649.14 KB)file attachment (249.35 KB) 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-06B EU submission: A report prepared by European Parliament on FADs file attachment (1.53 MB) 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-06C EU submission: comments on process for FAD MGMT Options WG file attachment (62.1 KB) 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-06D EU submission: Proposal to IATTC Sept 2013 FAD marking file attachment (61.38 KB) 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-07A IATTC Resolution on FADS C-13-04 file attachment (33.31 KB) 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-08 Proposal by United States to WCPFC10 - Collection and analyses of data on FADs file attachment (93.91 KB) 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-10A PNA news item - June 2015 Ministerial meeting announcement on FAD initiatives file attachment (155.27 KB) 13 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-05 ISSF Input to FAD WG file attachment (404.43 KB) 15 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-09 Japan comments on progressing five issues in TOR file attachment (98.75 KB) 16 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-11 b. SPC study which looked at the comparative value of catches from FAD and free school sets, taking into account the relative prices of fish by size class. file attachment (624.56 KB) 3 Jul 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-07B Revised IATTC Resolution: Collection and analyses of data on FADs_as agreed in 2015 IATTC annual meeting (amends 13-04) file attachment (125.19 KB) 6 Jul 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-10B PNA Office submission to FAD Management Options WG file attachment (28.94 KB) 24 Jul 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-12 Report of the WCPO Purse Seine Bigeye Management Workshop - April 2015 file attachment (2.83 MB) 24 Jul 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-13 Submission to FAD Management Options Working Group - from FFA Secretariat file attachment (230.87 KB) 28 Jul 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-15 FAD Design Review (SC11 paper ST-IP-09) file attachment (1.24 MB) 6 Aug 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-14 Submission to WCPFC FAD Working Group from IPNLF, Pew and WWF file attachment (281.76 KB) 25 Aug 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-16 WCPO Purse Seine BET Management Workshop II (Majuro) report for TCC11 - WCPFC-TCC11-2015-IP11 file attachment (3.48 MB) 25 Sep 2015
WCPFC-TCC11-2015-24 Discussion paper from Chair to TCC11 participants - prep for Bali file attachment (914.06 KB) 29 Sep 2015
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