FAD Management Options - Intersessional Working Group (FADMgmtOptions-IWG)


The FAD Management Options Intersessional Working Group was established at WCPFC11 (see copy of terms of reference below).  On 1 May 2015 CCMs were advised by WCPFC Circular of the plans to progress the work of the working group during 2015 2015/26 (267.17 KB) 

There have been two formal meetings of the FAD Mgmt Options IWG:

  1. the first meeting was held 27 - 28 November immediately prior to WCPFC12 in Bali, Indonesia.  Further information is available here
  2. the second meeting was held 28 - 29 September immediately following TCC12 in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia.  Further information is available here.


Symbol Title Files Date of Issue
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-03 FAD MgmtWG Reference Papers 3 - IATTC Measure C-13-01 2014-2016 file attachment 14 Jun 2013
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-02 FAD MgmtWG Reference Papers 2 - Preliminary analysis of the Regional Observer Programme data on FAD design file attachment 18 Jul 2014
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-01 FAD MgmtWG Reference Papers 1 - WCPFC Circular 2014/60 file attachment 23 Jul 2014
WCPFC11-2014-Summary Report Att E Terms of reference for FAD Management Options WG file attachment 6 Feb 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-04 ICCAT Report - first meeting of the ad hoc working group on FADs (Madrid, Spain, 11-12 May 2015) file attachment 8 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-06A EU submission: A compilation of FADs obligation in tRFMOs which we have prepared internally as a support document file attachmentfile attachment 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-06B EU submission: A report prepared by European Parliament on FADs file attachment 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-06C EU submission: comments on process for FAD MGMT Options WG file attachment 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-06D EU submission: Proposal to IATTC Sept 2013 FAD marking file attachment 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-07A IATTC Resolution on FADS C-13-04 file attachment 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-08 Proposal by United States to WCPFC10 - Collection and analyses of data on FADs file attachment 12 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-10A PNA news item - June 2015 Ministerial meeting announcement on FAD initiatives file attachment 13 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-05 ISSF Input to FAD WG file attachment 15 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-09 Japan comments on progressing five issues in TOR file attachment 16 Jun 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-11 b. SPC study which looked at the comparative value of catches from FAD and free school sets, taking into account the relative prices of fish by size class. file attachment 3 Jul 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-07B Revised IATTC Resolution: Collection and analyses of data on FADs_as agreed in 2015 IATTC annual meeting (amends 13-04) file attachment 6 Jul 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-10B PNA Office submission to FAD Management Options WG file attachment 24 Jul 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-12 Report of the WCPO Purse Seine Bigeye Management Workshop - April 2015 file attachment 24 Jul 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-13 Submission to FAD Management Options Working Group - from FFA Secretariat file attachment 28 Jul 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-15 FAD Design Review (SC11 paper ST-IP-09) file attachment 6 Aug 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-14 Submission to WCPFC FAD Working Group from IPNLF, Pew and WWF file attachment 25 Aug 2015
WCPFC-2015-FADMgmtWG-RefPaper-16 WCPO Purse Seine BET Management Workshop II (Majuro) report for TCC11 - WCPFC-TCC11-2015-IP11 file attachment 25 Sep 2015
WCPFC-TCC11-2015-24 Discussion paper from Chair to TCC11 participants - prep for Bali file attachment 29 Sep 2015
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