Guidelines Procedures and Regulations

Symbol Files Date of Issue
Commission-02 Financial Regulations (updated December 2022) file attachment 14 Dec 2022
Commission-01 Rules of Procedure (updated December 2019) file attachment 11 Dec 2019
SC-12 WCPFC Tissue Bank Access Protocols file attachment 20 Sep 2017
Commission-03 Staff Regulations (updated December 2023) file attachment 3 Jan 2024
Commission-04a Staff Regulations - Schedules 1, 2a and 2b (updated January 2024) file attachment 4 Jan 2023
Data-02 Rules and Procedures for the Protection, Access to, and Dissemination of Data Compiled by the Commission (as revised by WCPFC18 2021) file attachment 16 Dec 2021
TCC-02 Vessel Monitoring System Standards Specifications and Procedures (SSPs)_version as at Dec 2021 (WCPFC18) file attachment 16 Dec 2021
Data-01 Scientific Data to be Provided to the Commission (revised at WCPFC4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 19 and 20) file attachment 8 Dec 2023
SC-01 Annual Report to the Commission, Part 1 [Information on Fisheries Research and Statistics] (revised to reflect decisions as at WCPFC20) file attachmentfile attachment 8 Apr 2024
SC-03 Terms of Reference of the SC's ST, SA, MI and EB Themes
SC-05 Guidelines outlining the process for formulating the work programme and budget of the Scientific Committee file attachment 14 Aug 2013
Commission-07a CNM Flowchart file attachment 11 Feb 2010
Data-04 Rules and Procedures for Protection Access to and Dissemination of High Seas Non-Public Domain Data and Information Compiled by the Commission for the Purpose of MCS Activities and Access to and Dissemination of High Seas VMS Data for Scientific Purposes file attachment 11 Feb 2010
TCC-07 Commission VMS Standard Operating Procedures (as approved in Dec 2021 at WCPFC18) file attachment 16 Dec 2021
TCC-06 Vessel Tracking Agreement Form (VTAF) file attachmentfile attachmentfile attachment 7 Mar 2017
TCC-08 MTU/ALC Type Approval List - 6 Feb 2024 file attachment 6 Feb 2024
ROP-02 WCPFC ROP Vessel Safety Check Form file attachment
ROP-01 WCPFC Regional Observer Programme Standards & ROP Guidelines updated 2023 file attachment 18 May 2023
SC-09 Guidelines for the SC Chair and Theme Conveners (SC13) file attachment 17 Nov 2017
TCC-01 TCC Workplan 2022-2024 - updated at WCPFC19 file attachment 4 Dec 2022
ROP-03 Table of ROP minimum standard data fields 2016 file attachment 30 Apr 2016
Commission-05 Principles, guidelines and operational procedures for the Commission's Special Requirements Fund. file attachment 31 Mar 2009
SC-04 Sea Turtle Research Programme file attachment
Data-03 Information Security Policy file attachment
Commission-06 Headquarters Agreement and Grant Agreement file attachment 9 Oct 2009
Commission-04b Staff Regulations - Schedule 3 file attachment 29 Jun 2010
Commission-10 Terms of Reference for the FAC Committee file attachment 27 Oct 2010
Commission-11 Media Access Policy file attachment 22 Jul 2011
SC-08 Process for Designating WCPFC Key Shark Species for Data Provision and Assessment file attachment 5 Jun 2012
TCC-04 WCPFC9 Decision on Application of WCPFC VMS to national waters of WCPFC Members file attachment 6 Feb 2013
TCC-03 Statement describing Purpose and Principles of the WCPFC VMS file attachment 6 Feb 2012
TCC-05 VMS Reporting Requirements Guidelines - May 2018 file attachment 17 May 2018
Commission-07b Cooperating Non-Member request template - last updated in 2020 file attachment 2 Mar 2020
Data-05 Standards, Specifications and Procedures for Electronic Reporting in the WCPFC - operational catch and effort data + observer data file attachment 9 Dec 2017
Commission-09c WCPFC Capacity Development Plan Template for draft CMR - issued March 2017 file attachment 22 Mar 2017
ROP-04 Guidelines for Regional Observer Programme - May 2019 file attachment 17 May 2019
CTTF-01 Chinese Taipei Trust Fund - Reporting Template file attachment 8 Oct 2018
Data-06 E-reporting Standards for high seas transhipment declarations and high seas transhipment notices file attachment 14 Dec 2018
Commission-12 Secretariat Corporate Plan 2020-2023 file attachment 4 Dec 2022
Data-07 Guidelines for the Voluntary Submission of Purse seine Processor data by CCMs to the Commission file attachment 16 Dec 2021
ROP-05 Minimum Data Fields for Observer Transhipment Monitoring - 2023 file attachment 4 Dec 2022
Commission-13 Audit Points Checklist for Proposed New or Amended Obligations file attachment 29 Mar 2023
Commission-14 Adopted Audit Points for the WCPFC Compliance Monitoring Scheme (CMS) file attachment 4 Dec 2023
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