The second meeting of the SCG took place at Mooloolaba , Australia from 17-19 July 2003, immediately following SCTB16 . The meeting was chaired by Dr Yuji Uozumi ( Japan ).

The matters considered at SCG 2 included:

(a) Review of the updated stock status statements for the major target species (bigeye, yellowfin, skipjack and South Pacific albacore), including implications for sustainability;

(b) Discussions on gaps in current data;

(c) Discussion of the impacts of FADs on juvenile tuna stocks in the Convention Area;

(d) review of the working papers: Data standards, technical capabilities and data sharing policies for the Western and Central Pacific region ( WCPFC/PrepCon/WP.15), and An investigation of technical capabilities and data security and confidentiality policies for the Western and Central Pacific Region ( WCPFC/PrepCon/WP.16);

(e) Development of long-term data needs for the Commission; and

(f) Research priorities, research planning, and coordination.

The report of SCG 2 is here: Report of the second meeeting of the Scientific Coordinationg Group (SCG2 (373.57 KB311.5 KB). Further information concerning SCTB16, including the reports tendered to SCTB, is available at the SOEST Hawaii site and at the SPC site

The report of SCG 2 has been published under symbol WCPFC/PrepCon/28 and also available under the Documents Listing Page. Documents from SCTB16 are available in electronic format (pdf) via the SCTB16 web pages on the OFP website. A copy of the SCTB16 Executive Summary is also available online and can be downloaded here. In the summary, the relevant excerpts for SCG are:

Skipjack, pages 6-13
Yellowfin, pages 14-20
Bigeye, pages 21-27
South Pacific albacore, pages 28-3

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