The third meeting of the Scientific Coordinating Group took place in Majuro, Marshall Islands, on 19-21 August 2004, immediately following SCTB17. The meeting was chaired by Dr Yuji Uozumi ( Japan ). The matters considered by SCG 3 included:

(a) Stock status statements for the major target species (bigeye, yellowfin, skipjack, South Pacific albacore)

(b) Review of the scientific feasibility of providing analyses of management options.

(c) Management strategy evaluation approaches using operational models

(d) Ecosystem, bycatch and other scientific issues - including stock assessment research priorities.

(e) Data standards and other data related issues; and

(f) Identification of Specialist Working Groups of the Scientific Committee.

The report of SCG 3 has been published under symbol WCPFC/PrepCon/41 and is also available under the Documents Listing Page. Documents from SCTB17 are available in electronic format (pdf) via the SCTB17 web pages at SPC website. A copy of the SCTB16 Executive Summary is also available online and can be downloaded here.

In the summary, the relevant excerpts are:

Bigeye 14-21
Yellowfin 22-30
Skipjack 31-36
Albacore 37-41

NOTE: The official MULTIFAN-CL website has been recently launched. The website allows interested scientists to register and download the MULTIFAN-CL executable software for either Linux or Windows (after agreeing to the license conditions), users manual, graphic utilities and test files. The software users manual and website itself are still evolving, but we hope that they are sufficiently developed to allow others to use them.

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