Intersessional work on improving labour standards for crew on fishing vessels (2021)

At WCPFC17 (December 2020), the Commission noted the TCC16 recommendation in paragraph 236 of the TCC16 Summary Report that had recommended consideration by WCPFC17 regarding the treatment of crew on fishing vessels and to further strengthen observer safety.  The Commission agreed to intersessional work to be led by Co-Leads Indonesia and an FFA Member through various means to promote discussion among members and enable the sharing of information, with initial discussion points to be developed in consultation with the Commission Chair and the Secretariat.

During 2021, the intersessional work on improving labour standards for crew on fishing vessels has been progressed under the leadership of Putuh Suadela (Indonesia) and Emma Hodder (New Zealand) in consultation with interested Members, Cooperating Non-Members and Participating Territories (CCMs) and other stakeholders.  

On July 13 2021, a Workshop on Labour Standards for Crew on Fishing Vessels was convened.  The papers discussed at that meeting can be found here

Other documents relevant to the Intersessional Work are provided below


Page Updated 23 Nov, 2021
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